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Engagement starts here. Transform the way you interact with your community, and make it fun and rewarding for everyone. Let’s take your community to the next level!

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Interactive community building makes your business thrive

Now is the time to join us for a rewarding experience. A lightning-fast SaaS solution based on the Solana blockchain provides you with the perfect rewards and loyalty program to help you accelerate your business.

Reward yourself, your business and your community


with your target audience through our innovative platform.


unparalleled engagement while rewarding loyal consumers.


your community with cutting edge features for the best experience.

A well-spent investment

Combine offline and online marketing

Use different features to serve your community. In a new, efficient, and rewarding way.

Increase your customer loyalty to convert clients on a whole other level by using push notifications, geofencing and QR-codes.

Push notifications

Connect with your fans in a suitable way, reach the most relevant audience efficiently by sending messages based on their preferences.


Surprise users at the perfect time with offers via GPS, to enhance your offline performance and stimulate direct conversion.

QR Codes

Instantly forward your target audience with a trackable offline advertising object, towards a follow up of your choice like a video or microtask.

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Outperform others with blockchain technology

Your platform is ready and suitable for consumer standards of today and for the future. This is not the only thing that sets us apart from traditional competition. Our unique SaaS solution has been built on the Solana blockchain, to serve all your business needs:

Low cost and scalable

Solana blockchain offers extremely low costs per transaction, and ensures limitless scalability for years to come.

Fast, forever

This cutting edge software is all about speed. It’s the fastest blockchain around. As hardware improves, so does the network.

Safe and decentralized

Solana blockchain is unstoppable. The censorship resistant network will always remain open for applications to run freely.

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Run a project/campaign, coordinate your rewards allocation, set your parameters for success.


Gain more interaction, conversion, and customer-driven experiences, taking your community engagement to the next level.